Annual Online Screening
June 12th - June 19th

Hamburg Film Awards will present some of the winning projects of the first year in full length at an online screening in June shared at Vimeo platform. Below is the list of the screened films.

You can order a Ticket at our FilmFreeway site here. We will send you the access information in the next 24 hours. If you did not receive the access information in this period of time, please contact us.

The ghost girl
Director: Jurgen Ureña

A girl regularly leaves food at the door of her grandfather’s room, who is sick. One day the grandfather does not answer the girl’s call. Then she decides to enter the room.

Category: Super Short Film

Stroke of Midnight
Director:  Niclas Ribbarp

Keeping up appearances in the sphere of high society, whilst tolerating mutual infidelity - provided it’s kept secret - seems to be the only thing left sustaining Elizabeth’s and Leonard's marriage. But when celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Swiss Alps, their loveless pact is broken. On returning home from a party to their luxury chalet the accusations start to fly. This is surely the end of their relationship - unless one of them is prepared to pay a very high price...

Category: Short Film

Directors:  Alexandre Bilardo, Andreia Ribeiro

The fragments of a woman’s life that is reborn after being consumed in the flames.
An experimental short about domestic violence through the eyes of a woman.

Category: Experimental Film

The Flood of the Century - a witness report
Director: Matias Luge

The devastating storm surge of 1962 is generally associated with Hamburg, but there was also severe damage at the mouth of the Elbe. At that time, my grandfather was deployed as a sergeant to secure the dikes. His account of these dramatic hours form the basis of this short documentary.

Category: Short Documentary

Leisure Machine
Director:  Jim Batt

A Retro futuristic vision of the isolation caused by a society which values the artificial over the real. Inspired by themes raised in Hans Christian Anderson’s morality tale ‘The Emperor and the Nightingale’ & Phillip K. Dicks dystopian novel “Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep”.

Music Recordings, Photos & Film Footage were captured in 2015 then held in a time capsule as part of an ongoing collaborative multimedia project Clare St Clare’s TIME MACHINE.

The Leisure Machine Film Clip directed & filmed by Jim Batt film release date is 2021.

Category: Music Video

In The Shadows
Director: Jim Batt

A British army veteran is roaming the streets of Prague in the peak of the pandemic.

Category: Student Film

Nanakorobi (Seven Falls)
Directors:  Glenna Burmer, Gaby Breiter

A story by Glenna Burmer based on the Japanese saying Nanakorobi-Ya Oki, or fall seven times, but get back up the eighth. A little girl faces seven challenges to save an orphan who is lost in the snowy woods of Hokkaido.

Category: Animation

Breaking & Entering
Director:  Michael William Hogan

A young woman’s conflicted life battling multiple addictions and questionable choices culminates with an autopsy-like introspective journey when she finds herself locked in a morgue with the body of a long-lost love.

Category: Drama

A Handkerchief's Tale
Director: Jessica Lau

Two lovers are torn by the fate of life.
A story about love, expectations and courage.

Category: Romance

Being Brave
Director:  Joffre Faria Silva

Beckett, a precocious and resilient twelve-year-old, travels the bumpy road of a young boy living in complicated times. Beckett craves the love and acceptance of his divorced parents, but sees it jeopardized by the constant bullying he receives at school because of his father’s sexuality.
Incensed by the latest homophobic taunts by his mother’s new boyfriend’s son - Spencer - Beckett reacts, standing up for himself and unleashing a chain of events that in his eyes will resolve the situation he finds himself in and keep him safe.

Category: Director - Short

Director:  Simonetta Barbon

Andromaca was a mother, a wife, a sea-loving poet

Category: Music Video

Director: Alberto Nacci

FLAMENCO is the 10th short film of the Body&Sound series by Alberto Nacci. A movie about the relationship between 2 artists an their creative instruments: Cristina Benitez (dancer) and Livio Gianola (guitarist).

Category: Music Video