Film Awards

About the Film Festival

Hamburg Film Awards is an international film festival with online screenings focused on independent film and script projects as well as music videos. We are connecting independent filmmakers from all around the world to showcase their art and provide inspiration in their filmmaking careers.  Our main mission is to discover new talents and give them the opportunity to promote their art and profile to the filmmaking community including distribution companies. We also want to promote the beautiful city Hamburg to the filmmaking community, which is not so famous in the filmmaking industry as other big European cities.

After submission, your project will be privately screened by our Jury. After evaluating all Projects, winners will be announced in the section Winners on our website and social media. Each winner will receive a certificate sent by e-mail, with a specific number to make it simple to prove its validity. Segments of the winning projects will be shared online at our website.


The first year of Hamburg Film Awards is divided into three seasons:
SEASON 1: Winners have been announed on January 31st, 22
SEASON 2: Winners have been announced on April 3rd, 22
SEASON 3: Winners have been announced on June 5th, 22  

The annual winners and the annual online screening of the best projects of the year will be presented on June 12th 2022.

Three best seasonal projects are additionally awarded by a Spotlight at our website.

We do not cooperate or are in any way connected with other film festivals in Hamburg or Germany. For more information about us please visit Hamburg Film Awards on FilmFreeway

Rules of Hamburg Film Awards

1.  Submission may only be done through FilmFreeway platform
2. Entry fees are non-refundable
3. Films in English or German may be submitted without subtitles
4. Films in other Languages must contain English or German subtitles
5. Hamburg Film Awards reserves the right not to award a category or categories 
6. Entrant confirms and warrants having required legal authority over all content in the submitted entry
7. Entrant provides Hamburg Film Awards a nonexclusive limited license to use segments of the submitted entry, trailer or screenshots for promotional purposes
8. Entrant agrees, that in case of winning one or more categories, Hamburg Film Awards may use the information sent by submitting the entry on our website and/or social media (e. g. authors, name of the film, city or state etc. in the list of Winners)